Murray Realty, Inc

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Murray Realty Property Management 
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Rental Management 
You can rely on our expertise, we have over 40 consecutive  years Real Estate and  Property Management experience.  We have retained  clients dating back to 1976. 

While managing properties can become cumbersome at times we take the headache out of property management for you.

Murray Realty Inc. is here to help owners like you who want to have the benefits of ownership without the hassle of finding tenants or handling maintenance issues at all hours of the evening. 

Here is what Murray Realty Inc can do for you:

  • Advertise the rental (at your reimbursed expense)
  • Show prospective tenants your property 
  • Screen tenants (obtain complete credit report, criminal background check, & rental references).
  • Prepare move in instructions (what utilities to contact, garbage collection dates, etc.)
  • Prepare all paperwork (leases, check in forms, legal disclosures, etc.)
  • Accounts Receivable (rental and fee collection from tenants and prospects)
  • Take care of emergencies or maintenance problems.
  • Accounts Payable (advertising, repairs, etc. out of the proceeds of your rental)
  • Send you a check each month no later than the 15th along with a complete statement for the  previous month’s proceeds.
  • Handle any collection efforts (including court appearances) in the unlikely event this is needed.
  • Our management fees is deducted from your monthly proceeds for your convenience.