Murray Realty, Inc

Complete Real Estate Services, Community Management, Property Management, Sales, and Acquisitions

Community Management Division 
24 hour Emergency Number 540.265.8032

The Community Management Division of Murray Realty, Inc.

You should know you can rely on our expertise, we have over 40 consecutive  years Real Estate and  Property Management experience.  We have retained  clients dating back to 1976. Our goal is to forge a close working relationship with each customer and provide maximum service, keeping in mind that each has their own unique concerns.

Professional Staff
Lorie M. Murray, CMCA, AMS  
Brian N. Murray, CMCA, AMS
Douglas W. Murray, Sr.  540.627.6444
  •  License Real Estate Broker in the Commonwealth of VA
Reneta McMillan, Community Manager 540.627.5104
Cassie Hamblin, Community Manager 540.613.8787
Linda Englehart, Community Manager 540.366.8060
Ruchi Sharma, Accounting  540.632.4519
Vivien Sparks, Accounting   540.492.4096

We Are: 
  •   Active and Responsive
  •   Cross Trained
  •   We are Proactive
  •   Maintenance Requests
  •   Strong Contractor Relationships

When it comes to providing top quality management, our services include:
  •   Aware of the latest State Legislation and Regulations 
  •   Preparation of Monthly Reports 
  •   Coordination of Board and Membership Meetings
  •   Address Violations of Association Rules and Regulations
  •   Oversee Major Restoration and Maintenance Projects
  •   Processing of Architectural Compliance Forms
  •   Coordination and Preparation of State Reports
  •   Review and Management of Association Insurance Needs

Our customer first philosophy separates us from the competition
Our in-house customer service staff provides timely solutions to :
  • Telephone/Email Inquiries
  • Work Orders
  • Updating Maintenance Records
  • Disclosure Packages and Resale Certifications
  • Creating New Ownership Records
Supplying all necessary office services to support your Association and Board of Directors

Accounting and Financial Services
You can rely on MRI Property Management to provide clean, concise financial data such as:
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budget Preparation and Disbursement
  • Fee Collection Reports and Delinquencies
  • Preparation of Monthly Balance Sheet and Income Statements (including Variance to Budget)
  • Collection Letters
  • Initiation of the Lien Process
  • Copies of all invoices
  • Coordination of tax returns, review and audit processes 

24 hour Emergency Number 540.265.8032